Backattack Snacks are Now Available at Meijer

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meijer shelf

We are beyond excited to announce that our healthy, flavor-filled almonds are now available for purchase at all Meijer locations across the midwest! Here is the press release with all the exciting details:

"Backattack Snacks, a leading producer of flavored roasted almonds and premium jerky, has earned a place on the shelves of one of the most beloved grocery stores across the Midwest. Those who have tasted Backattack Snacks’ almonds are probably thinking, “It’s about dang time.” Flavors like Chocolate Firecracker and Wistachio (a play on wasabi and pistachio) will awaken taste buds and make ‘em dance. As descriptions go, the word, “scrumptious,” comes to mind.

For a midwestern company, this news comes with a lot of pride. “We are thrilled to be a part of Meijer and to share our customers’ favorite almond flavors to the rest of the Midwest. As a woman-owned business, I am grateful to have Meijer carry Backattack flavored almonds and appreciate their solid commitment to their own customers as a family-owned business,” said Lauren Back, co-founder and President of Backattack Snacks. “Our 8-ounce packages of almonds are exclusively available at Meijer.”

Backattack Snacks produces healthy snacks that don’t compromise on flavor, including 6 varieties of roasted almonds, 2 flavors of premium beef jerky, mushroom vegan jerky and trail mixes. All Backattack Snacks products are proudly made in the USA without artificial ingredients, added sugar, colors or preservatives. In other words, they’re made with the good stuff.

Plus, snacks like ours are so popular because they’re healthy yet filling, with no preservatives—so they’re a great snack to give to kids, a superb energy booster while on a hike, and a perfect grab-and-go treat for those go-go-go days. Backattack Snacks are excellent for when you need a quick snack and don’t want to worry about what you’re putting into your body."

But don't worry! If you don't live near a Meijer location, don't fret. You can still purchase almonds--as well as jerky, trail mix and more--through our website HERE!