Beef Jerky is the New Recovery Snack

Posted by Brian Back on


Athletes of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines can agree on two things— people throwing plates are the living worst, and a post workout recovery meal is a non negotiable. It’s a critical way that you can reward and build up those hard working muscles. You worked your butt off for those gains, it makes sense to maintain them, right? But the single biggest factor that separates a good recovery meal from a great one is protein. That’s where beef jerky comes in. 


Oh mah gawd…did you see that guy’s nutritionals

 Your body needs protein to fuel muscle recovery. It’s not rocket science; it’s really that simple. Experts say that somewhere between 10 and 20 grams of protein is ideal in a recovery meal. Problem is, so many sugar overload bars and shakes might give you the protein, but they also give you the pesky carbs and unnecessary fats. Lean protein, like the 100% Premium Black Angus Beef that we use in our jerky, is exactly what your body needs for maximum recovery. In fact, a serving of our flagship jerky only yields 3.5 grams of fat, while giving you 16 grams of all-natural protein. But it’s not just the fats you skip by switching to jerky—it’s the carbs. Most jerky could generally be considered a ‘low-carb’ snack. But our jerky is a ‘no-carb’ snack. No high fructose anything, no added sugars, just hard hittin’ protein. 


Pack It ‘N Forget It

 Jerky, by its dehydrated nature, is lightweight and compact, so you can leave your baby-rattle shake bottles in the cupboard. But think bigger than just the gym. If you’re pounding the pavement on a run, or just logging miles on your bike, there couldn’t be a more convenient snack to pack than jerky. Plus it pretty much goes without saying, carrying a bag of jerky around is hands down a more attractive option than Tupperware containers filled with boiled, chicken breast. 


It tastes good, not bad

 The other elephant sitting in the room with those gritty shakes and rip stop recovery bars is that they taste bad. Like really not good at all. And as much as we care about that nutrition panel, we craft our premium jerky with your taste buds in mind. We’ve been able to do this because we rely on our chef-inspired recipes and bold flavor instead of fillers and cheap sugars.

It’s time you put down those carb-loaded protein powders and bars and picked up a bag of jerky today!