Is Beef Jerky Keto Friendly?

Posted by Brian Back on

There's been tons of buzz about the ketogenic diet these days and how this particular food plan is brilliant at forcing the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. 

How cool is that? 

Ketones are the result of fats being broken down for energy and used for fuel instead of glucose, and there are certain foods that offer the ideal nutrition and Keto benefits. 

Keto Beef Jerky

Our delicious beef jerky is one of them, and we keep it clean-living and full of an amazingly high protein/high-fat content. Our jerky is made with zero carbs and zero sugar. It's all about the bold flavorful beef, crispy texture and healthy snacking that's totally keto friendly. 

Not all jerkies live up to the hype because those companies are too busy tossing in loads of preservatives, chemicals and added sugars and who-knows-what-else. 

What's the point if you're trying to add discipline to your lifestyle, and these brands keep dumping the wrong stuff into your jerky? 

Keto friendly beef jerky

Here at Backattack Snacks, we take our product line seriously. We believe in delivering one of the best-tasting and nutritiously-potent beef jerky on the planet, and you have two great choices. 

Both jerkies are keto friendly and come in Original Beef Jerky and Forager's Jerky, a vegan product. 

The original is made with premium cuts of black Angus beef and exotic chef-inspired flavors. 

Our vegan style features exquisite jerky made with premium portobello mushrooms and our bold signature spices. 

Jerky is such a healthy snack that NASA has always sent its astronauts into space with plenty of it included in their special meal plan. 

Like we said, our jerky is out of this world and a keto friendly snack that allows you to nosh on high protein/high-fat goodness without having to count calories and worry about a sugar overload.