What to Know About Owning a Bike

Posted by Lisa Sitwell on

Owning a bike opens up the world in so many ways. It allows you to get out and see the natural world in a way that you could never experience in a car. What's more, compared to some forms of transportation, it's pretty cheap. The cost of bike ownership only comes in at about $300 per year. There is plenty to like about owning a bike. If you're thinking about getting one, here are three aspects of bike ownership that you'll want to know about before you buy.

The Health Benefits

Biking is not only fun, but it's good for you, too. People who bike regularly see an improvement in their cardiovascular system, their brainpower and their physical strength. However, unlike some other forms of exercise, cycling is a low-impact exercise, which means your body won't take a beating while you cycle. Aside from this, biking is an easy form of exercise to build into your daily life. If you live close enough to your job, you can get a bit of exercise in for the day just by biking to work. Consider packing some healthy snacks, like trail mix, to munch on during your morning commute.

Bike Safety

One of the concerns that people have about biking as a mode of transportation is the safety aspect, particularly if they must ride on a busy road. Riding a bike in traffic can be scary and even dangerous, depending on weather conditions and the attentiveness of the drivers around you. Therefore, it's important to learn about bike safety and to purchase safety equipment, like a bike helmet. It's also essential to remember that there are hidden hazards on the road for cyclists, like car doors that suddenly open.

Storage and Maintenance

Your bike will need care and shelter. If you have a garage, then it's likely that you'll want to store it there. There are several ways you can store your bike in the garage, some that are more space-efficient than others. The first is the way that most people store their bikes: They park it next to a wall. This gets the job done, but it does leave your bike open for accidents with your car. Another idea is to store the bike on hooks on the wall or ceiling. That gets the bike off the floor, leaving you with more space for other items. Storing your bike on hooks is also a great space-saving idea if you don't have a garage and need to store the bike inside your house or apartment.

Owning a bike offers you an inexpensive mode of transportation and your own transportable gym. It doesn't cost much to maintain a bike, though if you want your bike to last, it does need to be stored and cared for. If you learn how to take care of your bike and how to take care of yourself while you're on it, you'll have it to enjoy for many years to come.

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