3% of Every Order is Sent to Johns Hopkins University to Research ARVD/C.

About Backattack Snacks

We started by making beef jerky during a nutritional challenge in 2014. Our coach suggested we eat beef jerky due to  high protein, and low carbohydrates makes it a great snack for the keto/ paleo lifestyle. 

We searched high and low to find a jerky that matched our guidelines: no sugar, no preservatives, low sodium, and most of all must have FLAVOR! 

We couldn't find any.

So we made our own. We created our signature recipe beef jerky with our guidelines, but most importantly our friends and family and their families in mind.

We wanted to create snacks for people who are tired of over produced, science experiments packaged off as snacks. 

We currently have 10 amazing snacks, all are seasoned to accompany the core  of the snack albeit the fresh California Almond, the Pennsylvania grown Portobello Mushroom or the USDA Choice Black Angus Beef. We think its a nifty idea that beef jerky tastes like beef.

At Backattack Snacks, we promise you will never need a PhD in chemistry to understand what you are eating. Its food, not science.