About Us

With a pssion for cooking and fitness we decided to experiment with healthy snack options for athletes. Being in the fitness field, it was difficult trying to find a "healthy" alternative for snacks. We started off making beef jerky for family and friends. Everyone ranted and raved about how good it was and continued to ask for more. One day, we had an idea of using our marinade to roast almonds. They were AMAZING! They tasted just like the jerky but had a texture like no other almond we ever had - light and crispy. So we added flavored roasted almonds to the line and now they are a front runner. The demand for our snacks continued to grow and we decided to sell them full time. At Backattack Snacks we only use the highest quality almonds and beef. We have blended together a delicious recipe that has no added sugar, and is made with vegetable aminos with an array of blended spices that will have your taste buds craving for more! Portions of Backattack Snacks sales goes to help fund the research of ARVD/C, at The Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. Interested in distribution? Want to set up a recurring delivery? Drop us a line at bback@backattacksnacks.com