Quick "miso"soup

Time : 4-5 min            Serves 2 


Foragers Jerky                          1-2 mush room caps 

Vegetable or Chicken Stock     4 cups

(Optional) Rice noodles             1 bunch

Green onions to garnish


1. Cook rice noodles to al dente (3-4 min), drain and rinse with cold water. Portion noodles into 2 bowls and set a side.

2. Bring the stock to a simmer, if using noodles prepare this while noodles cook

3.Tear the mushroom caps into small pieces and add to stock. Let simmer to re-hydrate the mushrooms.

4. Once the mushrooms are soft, add the soup to the bowl of noodles.

5. Slice green onions on a bias and garnish.

6. Dig in and enjoy!

** We also recommend using this recipe as a base. Add any vegetable or proteins as you like!**