Chocolate Firecrackers

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Chocolate Firecrackers

Clover honey + organic cacao + cayenne pepper+ pink Himalayan sea salt + almonds = a perfect combination to crush any chocolate craving. Just like any relationship, these nuts will be sweet at points and spicy at times, but when you bring chocolate everyone is happy! Try the Chocolate Firecrackers on ice cream, chicken or pork. Or put together one of our favorites- Infamous Spinach Salad: Take a big bowl of baby spinach, warmed bacon balsamic vinaigrette, shaved red onion, gorgonzola  so pungent you can taste it behind your eyes, sprinkle on some Chocolate Firecrackers, then balance it out with some plump juicy berries. You’re welcome.


Backattack Snacks stands with you in your clean living efforts by ensuring all of its chef-inspired products are minimally processed and free of added processed sugars, preservatives, and chemicals. We didn’t use useless ingredients working in restaurants, we won’t start now. Simply put, our snacks are created by chefs, not scientists.

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