3% of Every Order is Sent to Johns Hopkins University to Research ARVD/C.

Lauren Back

"Healthy Snacks Without the Extra Work!"

You don't have to sacrifice your taste buds to eat healthy.  At Backattack Snacks we believe that real food tastes great without being covered up with ingredients you can't pronounce. 

Hi!  I'm Lauren Back founder of Backattack snacks.  My husband and I started by making beef jerky during a nutritional challenge in 2014.  Our coach suggested I eat beef jerky due to high protein, and low carbohydrates makes it a great snack for the keto/ paleo lifestyle.  After searching high and low to find a jerky that matched our guidelines: no sugar, no preservatives, low sodium, and most of all must have FLAVOR! We couldn't find any.  So we made our own.!  Now I want to share them with you.

"Almonds being heart healthy are near and dear to me personally"

We started our business by making beef jerky out of our garage and one day we had an extra bowl of marinade and put some almonds in it.  That's how the signature recipe almonds started.  

Almonds being heart healthy are near and dear to me personally as I have a rare heart disease that I live with daily.  I am no longer able to exercise as my heart disease is one of the leading causes of Sudden Athlete Death Syndrome.  Therefore, I must manage a healthy diet!  We donate a portion of every online order to Johns Hopkins Heart & Vascular Institute to research ARVD/C, as they are the leading researchers in this specific heart disease.

"We think it's a nifty idea that beef jerky tastes like beef"

We really wanted to create snacks for people who are tired of overproduced, science experiments packaged off as snacks. In fact, at Backattack Snacks we make small batches just so we only sell fresh and not something that's been sitting on the shelf for a long time.  At Backattack Snacks, we promise you will never need a PhD in chemistry to understand what you are eating. Its food, not science.

We currently have 10 amazing snacks, all are seasoned to accompany the core of the snack albeit the fresh California Almond, the Pennsylvania grown Portobello Mushroom or the USDA Choice Black Angus Beef. We think it's a nifty idea that beef jerky tastes like beef. It's the perfect snack for game day or at work. Great for the entire family! 

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